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Estimates Bid's And The Client.


Here at D B Electric , we offer reliable schedule and are always accessible when you need us. Our flexibility allows us to work with your budget, and our specialized team of experts means we can take on any electrical project from the initial planning through the final clean up and walk through inspection. We are locally owned, and proud to serve the Lawton area or worldwide, and our goal is to provide quality work that will last, excellent customer service and communication throughout your entire electrical repair project, and finish on time and within budget. At D B Electric , our estimates are always upfront with no undisclosed fees. Customers appreciate that we describe every detail to ensure a seamless process during the entire project.

Most electricians do not charge for estimates-bids-quotes yet some how they have to pass those expenses on somewhere in there business as walkthru inspections, Punch List preparation, Material Cost List preparation, and travel all cost time and money.

Specializing in Residential Original Wiring Issues brings even more problems, trying to figure nightmare wiring harness that were done by others. For over 40 years D B Electric has proven and won a loyal following of repeat and word of mouth Clients for troubleshooting and other electrical issues.

The D B Electric approach to these issues are honesty, integrity  and reliability from the very start of any contact with a new Client. We offer estimates but are very upfront and tell our Clients that a 1 hour minimum plus mileage will be Invoiced for credit card payment prior to arrival for this service. Also we inform our Clients that we do not want or need there credit card numbers for this service as Pay Pal is our secure credit card processor. This service protects our Clients and also protects D B Electric. Pay Pal even allows us to send any Invoice directly from their website for payment. 

Here is an example of how this works for a typical customer. The day that the technician arrives for the walk thru inspection aka trouble shooting and issues. all information relevant photos, client's issues, name brand of products, ect is gathered for further reports to be written.  Usually for $35.00 the 1st report can be generated is called a Punch List Report of what's wrong and how to fix it, and for Client approval to proceed to the next report. Given the go ahead by Client to proceed a usually $35 Materials Report is generated with local (Home Depot, Menards, ect) store skew numbering for each part. 1 hr $35 min + $20 mileage, $35 Punch List, $35 Materials Report = $125. So at this point the Client knows to the penny how much the Labor & Materials will cost for this project. If they accept the Quote-Bid-Estimate submitted for Client approval usually these fees are credited to Final Billings Due Report. Just D B Electric way to say Thank You for accepting and conducting business with us. And if the Client does not accept our Quote-Bid-Estimate then we are not out the cost of time, travel and related expenses. By adopting and implementing these Quote-Bid-Estimate methods for many years D B Electric has been praised by it's list of satisfied customer base for the in depth approach to solving any electrical issue big or small.

In short the next time someone says that they offer free Quote-Bid-Estimate somehow something is not adding up as there are many cost involved to crunch the numbers to know what the repair cost will be. D B Electric would rather tell you from the beginning what the usual cost is and give options along the way for each Client. So if you need a free estimate read above or contact us D B Electric for a Quote-Bid-Estimate. 

Thank You For Your Time!

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